Windows OS, Chrome Version Update

How to Check Windows Operating Version, MacOS, Safari, and Chrome Browser Version?

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Check your Windows Operating System, OS version, and/or Internet version in the steps below.

To verify your current Windows operating system, follow these steps:


1. Click on the lower left corner Start

On your desktop or laptop computer, click on the lower left corner Start button - see Click 1 in the image below.

2. Click on Settings

Click on Settings button icon - see Click 2 in the image below.

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3. Search About your PC

Enter in the search box About your PC and click the search icon. See image below.

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4. Look at Windows Specifications

Scroll through this page and look at Windows Specifications. Next to Edition, you will see the Windows Operating System name. In the example below, it is Windows 10 Pro

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5. Chrome Browser Version

To check your Chrome Browser Version, follow the steps in the image below:

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How to clear cache in Chrome:


1. Click the three dots

Click the three dots in the corner followed by Settings.

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2. Click Clear Browsing Data

Click Clear Browsing Data

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3. Basic then Advanced -> Range -> Click Clear Data

Select Basic then Advanced -> Range -> Click Clear Data

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Apple macOS and Safari Versions, Updates

To check your macOS version, click the Apple logo in the corner of the toolbar, then select About this Mac. This will show you the details about your Apple computer, including the version. You can also search for a software update right on this page.

To check your Safari version, open Safari and then select Safari from the toolbar, then select About Safari. Here, you will be shown the version you are currently running. You can update Safari through the App Store as needed.