How to Sign In to an Account

How do I sign into my eFile account? How do I change my login information?

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It takes two steps to sign in to your tax preparation account. See instructions on how to sign up for a new and free account.

A: Open the sign in page and enter your username and password - see below.

Sign In

B: Check your email inbox for the 6 digit email verification code; check your spam folder, too. Enter or copy/paste this code on this page as shown below.

image description

C: Change your account email, password, or username.

When signed in, click on My Account - see below - you can change or edit your email address, username, and/or password.

image description

Under Account Settings, click on Edit for the associated credential and follow the screen instructions. In order to change your email address, enter the new email address and a code will be sent to it. Copy and paste this code below the new email address; see the image below. Be sure you keep your eFile account open while you retrieve the code in another window or tab.

image description

Delete Account: At the bottom of the My Account page is the Delete Account button. Click that button and follow the instructions. Attention: Deleting an account is in accordance with the CCPA or California Consumer Privacy Act. Once you click the Delete Account button, you will find more details. See what does and does not get deleted when you disable your account.

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Step 2: image description

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