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How to Obtain A Tax Return Copy from the IRS if you did not use eFile.com
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Since you did not prepare your tax return on eFile.com, or you deleted your account on eFile.com, here are the steps to get a transcript online and how to apply for a paper/PDF copy of your tax return.

Option 1: Get an online free IRS tax transcript by creating a free IRS account. Transcripts are not the same as a tax return copy as they will only summarize your tax returns. Thus, you do not get an exact copy of your return. In your IRS account, you can also monitor tax payments, other transactions, etc. If you are not able to create an IRS account, you can request a transcript by mail here. Please allow 5 to 10 days for delivery.

Option 2: For a paper based copy of your IRS tax return complete, Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return. Once the Form loads in the PDF editor, you can complete, sign, and download it there. Mail it to the address on the Form and include a $50.00 check made payable to "U.S. Treasury" with Form 4506 (the fee may be waived if you reside in an official disaster area as declared by the President). It may take the IRS about 60 days to process your request and mail your tax return copy or copies. 

Note: Be aware that a transcript does not show any changes or amendments you or the IRS may have made after the IRS accepted your return. It is possible to have transcripts mailed to a third party if you specify this on Form 4506. Transcripts cannot be sent to a third party if you make your request via phone or online. Transcripts requested online can only be mailed to the address used on your last tax return.

Option 2.1: State return copy: contact your respective state(s).

Option 3: In case you did use eFile.com under a different email, etc., please follow these instructions to retrieve your return from your eFile.com account. If you cannot access your account, see our account recovery page. If you still face troubles, contact us here

In the future, prepare and e-File your taxes on eFile.com! As an eFile.com customer, we will store your returns for free for 7 years for you. No other vendor does this and the IRS might charge up to $50 per copy.

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Option 4: Create your own IRS account and monitor your tax information there.