Your Prior Year AGI or Adjusted Gross Income

Where to enter adjusted gross income or AGI for myself and my spouse? Do I enter the same AGI for me and my spouse?

Article, Solution:

When you check out and e-file your 2022 Tax Return, you will be asked to enter your previous or prior tax year AGI. The IRS requires this as form of identification and validation for e-filing and you will need your 2021 AGI to e-file your 2022 Return.

First: find your prior year AGI.

In general, your and your spouse's AGI is the same. However, if this is your first year filing jointly, it is likely different. If your filing status was single on your prior year tax return and you got married in 2022, enter your AGI from your 2021 Return for your field and enter your spouse's 2021 AGI from their single return in theirs. If one of the spouses did not file a prior year return, enter 0 - do not leave the field blank. If you filed as married filing jointly during the prior year, both spouses enter the same amount twice during this year's tax return checkout; one as primary taxpayer and the other as secondary taxpayer.

When entering your AGI from Line 11 or your 2021 Form 1040, enter the whole number as it appears and do not add decimals or commas in the AGI field.

From here, click Continue Filing and continue through the checkout process. You will wrap up your return by signing and submitting it to the IRS and respective state tax agencies. Then, download a copy of your return for your records. When you return to your eFile Account next year to file, last year's AGI will automatically be generated on your return.

Attention: If you enter the incorrect prior year AGI, the IRS will reject your return. You can then re-enter the correct AGI amount and re-eFile at no charge. If the IRS rejects your return even though you believe you entered the right amount, see our AGI retrieval and verification page for more information and instructions on how to correct your AGI due to IRS rejection.