File only a State Income Tax Return

How to ONLY prepare and file one or more state tax returns?
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Per IRS/State policy - not - you can not just eFile one or more state returns without also eFiling the federal return at the same time or same site - the exception for this is the state of California. This policy is because the IRS and State Agencies share income tax data.

Sign in or sign up and start with the Names & Addresses section and select as many state tax returns as you need to prepare. Then, see these instructions on how to ONLY prepare state returns. When done, follow the checkout process. On the page listed on Step 8 (Part 2), enter the following promo code so you do not pay for the federal return: FedFree1.

Important: If your federal return is already free, this promo code will not be valid since there is nothing to discount; continue through the checkout process to generate a printable copy of your state return(s) for you to mail.

If you are expecting a tax refund, on Step 10 (Option 1), select I want to receive a check by mail. If you owe state taxes, either include a check with a voucher with your return or use the payment link on this page and pay your taxes directly with the state agency before or after you have mailed in the state tax return. Your completed state tax return is stored as a PDF file in your My Account. Download the PDF file, print, sign, and mail it to the respective state address. Select from this list of states.

If you are expecting a tax refund, the April 18 deadline should be of no concern to you as you would not face penalties if you miss the deadline.

Attention: In 2023, spare yourself the hassle of using different sites to do your federal for free, for example, and your state taxes on another site. Use for your 2022 Return and prepare the Federal Return for Free and eFile up to 44 States for one low price and NOT price per state as you would do with TurboTax® or H&R Block® - then eFile all your returns here on without having to mail in state returns.