Prepare and File 2022 Tax Amendment(s)

How to file an IRS and/or state tax amendment? How to fill out Form 1040-X?

The instructions below are for users who need to file a tax amendment for a 2022 Return they have prepared and e-filed in 2023. If you did not use, see how to prepare your amendment online. If you e-filed a state return as well, then you should also file a state amendment; here are instructions on how to complete various state tax amendments.

For a 2021 or other previous year tax amendment, you will need to prepare a paper amendment and mail it to the IRS. To prepare an amendment for other previous tax years, see 1040-X IRS amendment instructions and details.

If you e-filed your IRS 2022 Return on and the IRS accepted it, follow these steps and have a copy of your accepted 2022 Return handy to refer to.

Sign in to your account and see how to download a copy of your return.

First, make the changes directly in your eFile account under Federal Taxes. For example, if you are amending your return because you need to add an additional W-2, navigate to Federal Taxes -> Income and add the form. If you need to change or fix a form, make the needed changes to the existing form under Federal Taxes -> Review. Any additions or changes will then be included in your return and calculated with your new return once added.

Second, you will add the amendment form 1040-X:

  • From the left-side main menu, select Federal Taxes -> Review
  • On the right-side page, select the link I'd like to see the forms I've filled out or search for a form
  • Search for Form 1040-X
  • From the form list, click on Add Form and complete it. IMPORTANT: The 1040-X form is filled in with the information from your original, accepted return. You should have your accepted Form 1040 open in a separate window or printed out so you can enter the figures from it.

Follow the instructions below to report your original return so the calculations can be done for you.

Attention: These instructions are for Tax Year 2022 Returns only!

Enter the figures from your 2022 Tax Return Form 1040 based on this data map with your accepted tax return Form 1040 by opening the PDF from My Account.

image description

Important: Report the overpayment or tax refund amount from your original Form 1040, Line 34. This will allow eFile to calculate your new tax balance. For example, if you were given a larger refund than you are owed, the new balance will be calculated and you may owe additional tax/owe some of your refund back to the IRS.

Continue below:

image description

Once you have finished the amendment screen, you can then print your amended return for mailing. Under My Account, print and sign your 2022 Tax Return by selecting the I'd like to view a working copy of my return link which includes tax amendment Form 1040-X.

Print and include any forms and schedules behind Form 1040-X in the order of the Attachment Sequence No. shown in the upper-right corner of the page. You only need to include any forms or schedules that changed as a result of your amendment. Include supporting statements in the same order as the forms or schedules they support and attach them last. Attention: Don’t attach your originals or other items unless required to do so.

How to attach forms:

You should include any new copies of income or statement forms with your amended return only if they were not submitted with your original return. For example, if you are amending your return because you received a W-2 after filing, then include a copy of this W-2, but you do not need to attach copies of information that was e-filed with your original return.

To assemble the amended federal return, include Form 1040-X (sign it), and any forms/schedules that have changed as a result of your amendment. Do not send in your original return. Then include your supporting documents that support your amendment (W-2, 1099, etc.)

Additional supporting documents may include: Form W-2 or W-2c; Form W-2G; Form 2439; Form 1099-R (only if taxes were withheld); any Form 1042-S; Form SSA-1042S; Form RRB-1042S; Form 8288-A; Form 8805; any other form that supports changes made on this return.

To print your amended return including form 1040-X, after sign in, click on My Account and you will see the section below.

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