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Prepare, File 2020 Tax Amendent(s)

How to prepare and file an IRS and or State 2020 Tax Amendment
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The instructions below are for eFile.com users who have prepared, and e-Filed an IRS accepted 2020 IRS Tax Return and wish to file a 2020 tax year amendment. If you efiled a state return as well, then you should also file an amendment for your state return. Here are instructions on how to complete state tax amendment(s). For other tax years please visit: https://www.efile.com/tax-amendment/

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Attention: These instructions are for Tax Year 2020 Returns only!

Follow these instructions.

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Continue below:

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Enter the data from your 2020 Tax Return Form 1040 based on this data map. Your 2020 IRS accepted Tax Return Form 1040. Open the PDF in My Account. The image above has the same Form 1040 line items listed.

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In your My Account download - see screenshot below - print and sign your 2020 tax return PDF file which included tax amendment form 1040-X.

Print and include any forms, schedules behind Form 1040-X in the order of the Attachment Sequence No. shown in the upper-right corner of the form/schedule. Include supporting statements in the same order as the forms or schedules they support and attach them last. Attention: Don’t attach your originals or other items unless required to do so.

Assemble in this order: 2020 Tax Return (do not include your state return): Form 1040-X, Copy of your W-2(s) or Form W-2c or Form 2439, Form W-2G, Certain Gambling Winnings. Notice to Shareholder etc. that supports changes made on this return. Form 1099-R that supports changes made on this return, but only if tax was withheld; and a copy of any Form 1042-S, Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding; Form SSA-1042S, Social Security Benefit Statement (Nonresident Aliens); Form RRB-1042S, Payments by the Railroad Retirement Board - Nonresident Aliens - or Form 8288-A, Statement of Withholding on Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S. Real Property Interests, that supports changes made on this return. Form 8805, Foreign Partner's Information Statement of Section 1446 Withholding Tax, that supports changes made on this return.

How to print your amended return incl. form 1040-X. After sign in click on your My Account and you will see the section below.

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