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How to enter information on eFile.com

Where to enter information on eFile.com?
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Taxes can be complicated, preparing your return should not be. We are here to guide you through this.

After you either created an eFile.com account or signed in to your account follow these steps as shown below.

On the left side in the green menu section click on these links:

  • My Tax Return: Depending on the state of your return you will find different instruction on the right side. When you start you will be asked to answer basic Tax Questions. If somebody e.g. parents claim you on their return, make sure you check that.
  • Name & Address: Your SSN and if filing as married filing jointly the SSN of your spouse is required. Make sure you enter your Social Security Numbers correctly. Birth date(s), address etc. are also entered in this section.
  • Federal Taxes -> Income: is where you enter your Income for the given tax year. Make sure you hhttps://s.efile.com/tax-service/admin/knowledge-base/ave ALL your W-2, 1099 forms in front of you. If you later discover that you forgot a form after have prepared and e-Filed your return and it got accepted by the IRS and or State you will have to complete a Tax Amendment. 
  • Federal Taxes -> Dependents: If your children or qualifying relatives are qualifying dependents on your tax return you will be asked to enter their information here.
  • Federal Taxes -> Deductions & Credits: Carefully go through this section so you don't forget to enter all your tax deductions as they will either reduce your taxes or increase your refund. Plus, the eFile tax app will calculate tax credits for you. In some cases, you will be asked to provide information regarding tax credits.
  • Federal Taxes -> Health Care: Due to the 2018 Tax Reform some health care related information has changed. More details here.
  • Federal Taxes -> Review: You will find a summary result of what you have entered. Click on the link "I'd like to see all my federal form" if you need to find additional forms or would like to see all the forms you have entered. Click on the Tax Return Review button to see your tax return as a PDF file.
  • States Taxes: Depending on where you reside or work you might be required to also file one or more state tax return(s). Simple follow these screen instructions and enter the information needed.

Important: If you need to find out quickly where or how to enter a form follow these detailed instruction.

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Follow these steps as outlined above.

If you are not sure where to enter something please click here and follow these instructions.