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How to eFile IRS and/or State Tax Extensions
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The IRS tax extension deadline is May 17, 2021. Most State Extension Deadlines are May 17, some are May 1, 2021.

If you expect to owe IRS and/or State Income Taxes by Tax Day, you can either file extensions or pay your taxes by the Tax Day. Learn more about the pros and cons of a tax extension, plus the realities and myths about extensions. ExtendIT or eFileIT even if You Can't PayIT! (IT is Incomes Taxes).

The question is, how do you know if you owe taxes without preparing a tax return? Thus we suggest, you prepare a free tax return and review the results. Based on that you can then either pay your taxes online direct with the IRS and or State Tax Agencies. Below in the Options section we show ways to pay for taxes.

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Step 1: IRS Tax Extension

We suggest you only e-File an extension if you do not have all your tax records. If you owe taxes, but can't pay your taxes now, that should not be the sole reason to eFile an extension. You can prepare and eFile a tax return and not pay your taxes at the same time. Important: e-Filing a tax return or tax extension by May 17, will eliminate a late filing penalty not the late tax payment penalty if you don't pay by May 17. The last day to e-File your return(s) is Oct. 15. 

e-File Something, Even If you Can't Pay Anything Now!

Follow the steps below to prepare and eFile an IRS extension for free on eFile.com.

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Step 2: State Extension

Each state has particular procedures on how to accept tax extensions. Pick your state(s) and learn about the particular state tax extensions steps to take.

Option: Pay IRS Taxes. If you know the amount of IRS taxes you owe, click the button below to either pay free via bank or ACH transfer or pay by credit card.

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