How to Enter, Report Schedule K-1

Report, enter Schedule-K for either Form 1120, 1041, or 1065 on

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You may receive one of the following K-1 forms for your specific type of income:

See simple instructions on how to enter any specific form on

To add Schedule K-1 and its related forms, click on Federal Taxes > Review > I'd like to see the forms I've filled out or search for a form and enter the form you are looking for. For example, Schedule K-1 1065, 1041, or 1120; enter the form numbers into the search box and fill in the information from your tax forms.

You can simply search for "K-1" and all applicable forms will be shown for you to add. Click the plus sign (+) or "Add form" button to begin entering the information from your K-1 or other form.

If you work in addition to receiving income as a beneficiary, you can file your Form 1040 return including your other income. See how to enter W-2 income and eFile will add all your types of income to your return.