How to Pay Taxes to the IRS and/or State

How do I pay federal or state income taxes? Can I pay after I file my return?

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Depending on your income and withholding, you may owe taxes when you file your next return. If you know what you owe in taxes, use these quick links to pay IRS or state taxes:

Pay Taxes Online:

IRS or Federal | State(s)

If you are unsure if you will owe taxes or what they amount will be, start your tax return now and see the results in real time. Once you have the results and have determined that you owe taxes, you can elect to pay with your return during checkout on - see our checkout guide for details.

Otherwise, select that you want to pay later. You can then use the links above to make online payments directly to the IRS or state rather than mail any payment forms or money. If you cannot pay your due taxes up front, see details on IRS installment agreements or payment plans.

To avoid owing taxes as a W-2 employee, adjust your W-4 so you can withhold more money during the year.

See details on paying taxes online.

Estimated Tax Payments Via Form 1040-ES

You can make quarterly estimated tax payments online rather than mail in any forms or money. Use the links above and select the "Estimated Tax" option as the reason for payment so your submission goes through as a 1040-ES payment.

See more details on quarterly tax payments, including mailing addresses.