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W-2 Wage and Salary Transmittal

How to enter and eFile Form W-2 and or Form W-2G on eFile.com for a tax return?
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W-2 Form: View and Details W-2 Form explained: Year End Income Statement of Wages and Salaries. You should receive this Form by January 31 for the previous calendar or tax year. If you have not received it, reach out to your employer or issuer of the form. If there are any issues with the form, such as a missing input, you can again contact your employer to have is reissued as a corrected W-2. If this is the case, simply indicate that this is a corrected W-2 when you report the form on the eFile platform. 

W-2G Form: View and Details W-2G Form Explained: Reports gambling winnings from bingo, slot machines, poker, etc.

Instructions: How to enter the W-2 Forms for your tax return on eFile.com? Enter one or multiple Form(s) on this screen. Click Add Form on the right. When you first begin preparing your tax return, after entering your identifying information, the first form you will be asked about is the W-2. Report one or multiple W-2s here before moving on to the other forms. Enter all the items on your form on the corresponding entries on the eFile app exactly as they appear. Report whole numbers, excluding cents if they are included on your form for any reason. 

Other Forms, Schedules: If you need to find out quickly where or how to enter Schedules, Forms form follow these detailed instruction.