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Tax Late Filing Penalty Relief for 2019, 2020 Returns

The IRS will not impose the late filing tax penalties for Tax Year 2019 (originally due April 15, 2020, extended to July 15, 2020) and Tax Year 2020 (originally due April 15, 2021, extended to May 17, 2021) that are filed on or before September 30, 2022. This means the late filing penalty, starting at 5% of taxes owed and increasing to 25% over five months, does not apply. The IRS late filing penalty will be automatically abated, refunded, or credited as appropriate without any need for taxpayers to request this relief.

This applies to individual income returns via Form 1040, Form 1040-SR, Form 1040-C, Form 1040-NR, 1040-NR-EZ, Form 1040 (PR), and 1040-SS. If you file taxes each year as an individual, this applies to you.

In general, this covers most or all 2019 and 2020 individual and business returns filed by September 30, 2022. If you file during the first few months following September of 2022, you can expect partial penalty relief since the penalties only begin accruing on October 1, 2022. If you have not yet filed a 2019 or 2020 Return and owe taxes, get this done as soon as possible:

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To get this penalty relief, follow these simple guidelines:

You filed a late 2019 or 2020 Return and paid the late penalty: you do not have to do anything. The IRS is going to automatically issue a refund or credit to you for your payment.

You filed a late 2019 or 2020 Return and did not pay the late penalty: You should not have to pay anything additional if you paid your full tax balance before the penalty.

You have not yet filed a 2019 or 2020 Return and owe taxes plus late penalties: file your return as soon as possible. After September 30, 2022, penalties will begin building at generally 5% and will increase if you do not pay. Any penalties accrued prior to this date do not apply.

The penalty relief does not apply to any return which has a fraudulent penalty applies to it nor any penalties as part of an accepted offer in compromise since the program already settled the liability.

Details about the IRS Tax Penalty relief for certain 2019 and 2020 Tax Returns.

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