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How to Select Your Tax Return Filing Status

When you prepare a tax return, you have to choose which filing status to use. There are 5 different choices of filing status, but you can generally only qualify for 1 or 2 of them in any given year. If there is more than 1 filing status available to you (for example, Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately), then it is easy to determine which one is most beneficial to you. Just explore both options using the free "TaxStimator" Tax Calculator.

There are several factors that go into selecting your tax filing status. The calculator tool below--the "STATucator"-- will guide you through the process of determining the filing status for you. Just answer the "Yes" and "No" questions until the STATucator provides you with a filing status. Our STATucator is a multi-year tool so you can use it for previous years’ tax returns as well!

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What is Your IRS Tax Filing Status?

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