Head of Household Filing Status 2019

The head of household IRS filing status is used frequently for singles with dependents or children. The calculator below is for Tax Year 2019 only; here are all the 2019 Tax Calculators. Even though you can no longer e-file a 2019 Return, you can still prepare the IRS 2019 Tax Forms here on eFile.com.

Find out below if head of household is the right 2019 IRS filing status for you; you can prepare and e-file your current year returns on eFile.com regardless of when you file your 2019 Return.

Tax Tip for Current Year Tax Returns:

2019 Single With Dependents

Compared to the single filing status, the head of household filing status will get taxpayers lower tax rates, a higher standard deduction, plus help qualify more easily for tax credits. Many singles with dependents (children, grandchildren, etc.) qualify as heads of household; other unmarried people and, with some exception, legally married people with dependents might qualify as head of household. Generally however, to qualify to file as a head of household, you have to be unmarried and you have to support a dependent or qualifying relative.

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Were you married as of December 31 of the tax year?
Note: Even if you were legally married, you still might qualify as Head of Household if you meet these requirements.

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