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Head of Household Filing Status Tax Year 2018

Before you complete the 2018 Tax Forms, calculate if you are eligible for the Head of Household filing status as a single person. At this point in time, you can complete, sign 2018 Tax Forms on eFile.com. Then download, print and mail in the Forms. Prepare and eFile your current Tax Year  due by Tax Day.

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If you were single with dependents in 2018 find out if you could file as Heads of Household. You could enjoy lower tax rates, a higher standard deductions, and qualify more easily for some tax credits. A lot of single parents are Heads of Household, and so are other unmarried people (and with some exception legally married people - see details) with dependents. To file as a Head of Household, you have to be unmarried (details for exceptions) and you have to support a Qualifying Person.

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Are You a Head of Household?
Were you married as of December 31 of the tax year?
Note: Even if you were legally married, you still might qualify as Head of Household if you meet these requirements.

How to Know If Someone Is Your Qualifying Person

It can be tricky to figure out if someone is your Qualifying Person. If you have a dependent, they might or might not also count as your Qualifying Person. A dependent is not always a Qualifying Person, and you don't necessarily have to claim a Qualifying Person as a dependent.

Confused? Don't worry, we've made it easy for you! Just use the free Head of Household tool on this page.

How to File as Head of Household

Find out how to how to file as Head of Household.

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