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Tax Calculators for Single Parents, Families with Children, Dependents

Wondering if you can claim a child or relative as a dependent on your tax return? Thinking you're a Head of Household? Want to save money on having a child or taking care of a dependent? Use any of the free Family and Child Tax Tools below and find out how you can save taxes as a parent or caretaker!

Check out our other credit, filing status, and tax estimators to make tax return preparation easier.

Who is my dependent?

DEPENDucator/Dependent Qualifier Tax Tool

The DEPENDucator (Qualifying Child Dependent Educator Tax Tool) will help you determine whether or not a child can be a dependent on your tax return. 

Who is my relative?

RELucator/Qualifying Relative Tax Tool

If you're not sure if a person can be your Qualifying Relative and Dependent on your tax return, use the RELucator (Qualifying Relative Tax Tool) to find out. 

Am I a HoH?

Head of Household/HoHucator Tax Tool

Answer a few simple questions in the HOHucator (Head of Household Filing Status Tax Tool) to find out if you have a Qualifying Person to use the Head of Household tax return filing status. 

Can I claim the Child Credit?

Child Tax Credit/KIDucator Tax Tool

Not sure if you can claim the Child Tax Credit on your tax return? Our KIDucator (Child Tax Credit Tax Tool) will help you find out. 

Can I claim the Care Credit?

Child and Dependent Care/CAREucator Tax Tool

To determine if you qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, answer a couple of quick questions on the CAREucator (Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit Tool).