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eFile.com is a team of tax professionals and tax software vendors that provide an online platform to prepare and e-File federal and state income tax returns. The eFile.com tax software not only makes it easy to prepare and e-File federal and state income taxes, but also provides fast tax professional-based tax help. The eFile.com website simplifies the online tax filing process (e-filing) through easy to use tax calculators, over 10 free tax tools and preparation software that not only applies the tax law accurately, but also provides you the necessary tax deduction tools that often result in tax savings for taxpayers.

During the tax preparation interview, you can always stop (e.g. for more research, to get help, or just to take a break) and sign out for any reason. When you sign back into the eFile software, you will find your previously entered data stored and will be able to continue where you left off.

The e-Filing Tax Season

The IRS tax preparation and e-file tax season generally starts early January and ends mid October for the current tax year. Find a list of detailed tax return deadlines.

During the 2020 calendar year, you can prepare and efile federal and state tax returns for Tax Year 2019 on eFile.com. Furthermore, eFile.com enables you to prepare and efile a federal tax extension. For previous tax years please visit the back-taxes tax return section. 

For a faster tax refund, you can use the direct bank deposit refund option. Use this free tax refund date tool to find out exact dates.

Before you prepare and efile your tax return, we recommend that you review all the latest tax help and tax deduction information.

Please review the list of federal tax forms and schedules and state tax forms. However, you may want to learn more on why to efile your taxes and how to efile your taxes.

The Federal eFile.com Edition is Free. For more complicated tax returns the tax service fee you pay is for the preparation of a tax return on eFile.com; e-Filing or printing of tax returns is included or free.

We will grant a tax return preparation fee refund for the following two reasons:

  • Another website calculated a bigger refund or lower tax liability using the same information you entered on eFile.com. You must provide proof of this by providing a copy of the return you prepared on the other site. This does not apply to deleted accounts where we cannot verify any information or prepared return.
  • eFile.com did not operate or calculate your tax return correctly. This does not apply to deleted accounts where we cannot verify any information or prepared return.

We will not grant a tax return preparation fee refund request if:

  • You paid for a tax return on our site, but could not efile the return for any reason (could not get a PIN or prior-year AGI from the IRS, the IRS [not eFile.com] rejected your return, etc.). If you don't want to efile your return or you are required to paper file it, you can print and mail your tax return from your eFile.com account.
  • You paid for a tax return on our site, but went to another site to prepare and file your return.
  • You paid for a tax return on our site, but you found a lower price on another website. Keep in mind that eFile.com will Meet n' Beat any competitor's price.

EFile.com is owned and operated by TaxWork LLC, a Florida based company located in Venice, FL. For immediate assistance please contact us our secure support application.  Mailing addresses:  TaxWork LLC, PO BOX 11431, Blacksburg, VA 24062-1431

We do not provide one on one tax services or phone support at the locations above. All our services are U.S. based.

Thank you for visiting or using eFile.com.



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