2017 Head of Household Filing Status

Compared to the single filing status, Heads of Household get lower tax rates, a higher standard deduction, and qualify more easily for some tax credits. A lot of single parents are Heads of Household, and so are other unmarried people with dependents. To file as a Head of Household, you have to be unmarried and you have to support a qualifying person.

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2017 HOHucator
Are You a Head of Household?
Were you married as of 12/31 of the tax year?

How to Know if Someone is Your Qualifying Person

It can be tricky to figure out if someone is your qualifying person. If you have a dependent, they may or may not also count as your qualifying person. A dependent is not always a qualifying person, and you don't necessarily have to claim a qualifying person as a dependent.

Confused? Don't worry, we've made it easy for you! Just use the free Head of Household tool (the HOHucator test) on this page.

Find out how to how to file as Head of Household.

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