7 Reasons to Prepare and efile Your Taxes on efile.com

Why has efile become so popular?
And why are more and more people choosing -- and trusting -- efile.com as their personal online tax preparation service?

Here are the Top 7 Reasons to use efile.com:

efile.com eFiler Comment:

“This was my first time doing my own taxes. I went to H&R Block to file my taxes, only because it was "FREE" but decided not to file with them once I was informed that my cost totaled to $297 for all theirs fees. I then posted on Facebook "where is the BEST place to file my taxes", 8 out of 13 responses said "go to efile.com". So I did!”

Reason 1

Your Simple Tax Return (1040EZ) Is Always FREE!


Reason 2

You Are Always Guaranteed the Lowest Price!


Reason 3

We Meet 'n Beat Any Competitor's Price!


Reason 4

More Value than TurboTax® and H&R Block® (for Less)!


Reason 5

One or More State Returns: One Low Fee!


Reason 6

Enjoy Our 3 Unique "Taxesfaction" Promises!

  1. Your Biggest Refund Guaranteed
  2. 100% Calculation Accuracy Guaranteed
  3. Audit Assistance Guaranteed

Reason 7

You Always Get Free Priority Support!


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