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If your online efile State tax return was rejected, don't worry, since a rejection of an efile completed online tax return usually requires only a small correction.

Please sign back into your tax return and follow the instructions on what to do to correct your online tax return. Once you have completed the correction, please efile your state tax return again (no extra charges apply).

For eFile Federal related tax return corrections or rejections notices please click here.

Pennsylvania State Income Tax efile Tax Return Error Code :

Error CodeStateOnline State Tax Return efile Error Code DescriptionSolution: How to correct the efile error online
1 PA On Form 1040/1040A/1040EZ, page 01 of the Tax Return must be present.
The Summary Record must be present.
2 PA If the Electronic Funds Withdrawal indicator is present then the
Requested Payment Date is required. The Requested Payment Date
cannot be earlier than the current date. If the return is
transmitted before April 15th the Requested Payment Date cannot
be later than April 15th. On April 15th and after the Requested
Payment Date must equal the current processing date.
3 PA tax Return Record Identification Page 1 - The Tax Period must equal
"200512". For Form 1040/1040A, The Tax Period of the Tax Return
Record Identification Page 2 must also equal "200612".
4 PA If the Primary Suffix is present the Primary Last Name must be
present. The Primary Suffix must be left justified and must be
valid. Only the following values are valid in the Primary
Suffix: JR SR I II III IV 1ST 2ND 3RD and 4TH.
5 PA The Primary First Name is a required field. A hyphen is the only
allowable special character permitted in the Primary First Name.
The Primary First Name must be left justified.
6 PA If the Spouse's Suffix is present the Spouse's Last Name must be
present. The Spouse's Suffix must be left justified and must be
valid. Only the following values are valid in the Spouse's
Suffix: JR SR I II III IV 1ST 2ND 3RD and 4TH.
7 PA Address Line 1 is a required field if a Foreign Street Address
is not present. Periods (.) and commas ( ) are not permitted in
Address Line 1. More than one space cannot exist between
charactersin Address Line 1.
8 PA The City is a required field if the Foreign City or Province is
not present. Only the following characters are permitted in the
city: Alpha Hyphens (-) and Ampersands (&). The City must be
left justified.
10 PA Your Online tax return was rejected by the IRS because Data was entered into an input field incorrectly. =============== types of causes =========================== 1) Alphanumeric fields MUST NOT CONTAIN PUNCTUATION AND MUST NOT start with a leading space. ** THIS IS THE MOST COMMON CAUSE ** 2) The code and year fields for boxes 12a, 12b, 12c, and 12d on Form W2 must not contain the number 0. Please leave this field blank if it does not apply. 3) You tried to file form 2120 and 8332 for the same child. Only one form applies per child.
11 PA If Unreimbursed Business expenses are present then the Gross PA
Taxable Compensation must be greater than zero and a PA Schedule
UE is required.
12 PA Gross PA Taxable Compensation Minus the Unreimbursed Employee
Business Expenses must equal the Net PA Taxable Compensation.
If the Unreimbursed Employee Business expenses are greater than
the Gross PA Taxable Compensation then the Net PA Taxable
Compensation must equal zero. The Net PA Taxable Compensation
cannot be less than zero.
13 PA The Total Gross PA Taxable Income must equal the sum of the Net
PA Taxable Compensation plus the PA Taxable Interest the PA
Taxable Dividends the Net Income or Loss from the Operation of
a Business Profession or Farm the Net Gain or Loss from the Sale
Exchange or Disposition of Property the Net Income or Loss from
Rents Royalties Patents and Copyrights the Estate and Trust
Income and the Gambling and Lottery winnings. Only numbers that
are greater than zero can be included in the Gross PA Taxable
15 PA If the Eligibility Income from PA Schedule SP is greater than
zero a PA Schedule SP is required. The Eligibility Income From
PA Schedule SP must be equal to or greater than the Total Gross
PA Taxable Income.
16 PA If a Resident Credit is present it cannot be greater than the
Total PA Tax Liability.
17 PA The Total Payments and Credits must equal the sum of the Total
PA Tax Withheld plus the Total Estimated Payments & Credits the
Tax Forgiveness Credit the Resident Credit and the Total Other
18 PA If the Total Payments and Credits equal the Total PA Tax
Liability the following fields cannot be greater than zero: PA
Tax Due Overpayment Refund Check and Credit to your Estimated
Tax Account.
19 PA The PA Tax Due must equal the Total PA Tax Liability minus the
Total Payments and Credits. If the Total PA Tax Liability is
greater than the Total Payments and Credits then the PA Tax Due
must be greater than zero.
20 PA If PA Tax Due is greater than zero Total Payment must be greater
than zero.
22 PA The sum of the Amount of plus Refund Check Amount of Estimated
Tax Amount to donate to Wild Resource Amount to donate to Olympic
Amount to donate to Organ & Tissue Amount to donate to Korean
Memorial and Amount to donate to Cancer Research must equal the
23 PA The form byte count must be correct.
24 PA The form header must be valid.
25 PA Your Online tax return was rejected by the IRS because the PIN signature date or taxpayers date of birth is not present. 1) Click the Common Forms tab and select to Edit your Name, Address and Filing Status Information. Verify the Taxpayers Date of Birth and re-enter if necessary. 2) Click the View Results tab on the right hand side of the screen. 3) After your tax return results are displayed select the option to file your federal return electronically. 4) If your federal tax return has a refund, choose 1 of the 4 methods available to receive your refund. If your return has a balance due you can choose to have the funds automatically withdrawn from your account or you can mail the amount due to the IRS. If you are filing your state return you will also need to choose options regarding your state refund or balance due. 5) Important: When you come to the PIN Signature Information you have 2 signature options. You can choose to verify your Prior Year AGI amount or mail in Form 8453-OL which will print with your tax return. If you are not sure of your Prior Year AGI you should choose the No PIN option. 6) Complete the appropriate fields based on the Signature option you chose and click Continue. 7) When you get to the screen that allows you to view the PDF version of your tax return click E-File Return.
26 PA The field type must be invalid.
27 PA A field number cannot be repeated on the same occurrence of the
same form.
28 PA The field numbers must be in the sequence specified.
29 PA The field number must be valid.
30 PA PA EF not allowed until Drake EF is approved by the state.
801 PA Since your federal return contains a K-1 Form, you cannot e-file your Pennsylvania return. You must file your Pennsylvania return by mail.
802 PA 1120 K1 and stock ownership percentage not specified
803 PA 1065 K1 and either profit sharing %, Loss Sharing %
or the ownership of capital % is not entered

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