Dare to Compare: Tax Prep Prices, Fees and Costs

Decisions, decisions... where should you prepare and efile your taxes online? Taxes can be confusing, overwhelming, and even intimidating--selecting an online tax preparation service shouldn't be. So many choices, so little time: efile.com vs. H&R Block® vs. TurboTax®... Once you read this, the choice is easy! (The choice is efile.com, just in case you didn't catch on!)

Get and Enjoy These 5 SERVICE & PRICE ADVANTAGES Only at efile.com

1. efile.com Makes IT (Income Taxes) Less Taxing.

2. efile.com is Free or the Lowest Price Guarantee.

3. efile.com is up to 60% Less.

4. efile.com Meet n' Beats any Competitor's Price.

5. efile.com has One Low Price for Unlimited State Returns.

Why efile.com?

When you compare the prices of online tax services, it's important to compare "apples to apples", not "apples to oranges". See for yourself and compare online tax preparation services now.

Read on to see why efile.com is a better value, no matter what your tax preparation needs may be...

efile.com dare to compare: Apples to Apples

Thumbs Up for efiling Price Advantage 1: Auto Tax Form Selection-The Right Tax Form at the Lowest Price!

With the new efile.com Auto Tax Form Selection feature you no longer have to worry which Tax Forms to choose when starting your Tax Return. Simply click on any of these tax service packages on efile.com: Free Basic, Deluxe, and Premium and efile.com will pick the right form for you regardless where you started. efile.com will downgrade or upgrade you only based on your tax answers. No other vendor offers you this advantage: review our tax return preparation service comparison chart for details.

Thumbs Up for efiling Price Advantage 2: Fair Value Pricing-It's Either Free or the Lowest Price Guarantee!

Like most tax services, efile.com offers 3 different service packages: Free Basic, Deluxe, and Premium. You might ask, what's the efile.com difference?

Well, at efile.com, EVERYONE starts FREE. Yes, even if you started by selecting Deluxe or Premium, our promise to you is:

If your tax return qualifies for Form 1040EZ, it is FREE--no matter where you started!

On efile.com, you don't have to commit to a particular service package before you prepare your return. Based on your answers to simple tax questions during the online preparation process,  efile.com will determine which tax form the IRS requires for your federal tax return: 1040EZ (Free Basic), 1040A (Deluxe), or 1040 (Premium). Because of the FREE OR LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE, you don't have to select which form to use. And if you add or delete information that changes the form on which your return is being prepared, efile.com will immediately notify you of any price change--whether the price is raised or lowered. Efile.com will upgrade or downgrade you at any time your required form changes, regardless of which tax service you chose at the beginning.

Furthermore, unlike our competitors, we have a "no-pressure policy": When you qualify for a lower price, we will not pressure you into upgrading to a more expensive service! If your required federal tax form changes, only then will your fee change: it's the efile.com FREE or LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED!

Compare the 3 efile.com online tax services

Thumbs down for taxes H&R Block® and TurboTax® DO NOT Offer the efile.com FairValue Pricing Advantage!

If you start with a paid edition (e.g. Deluxe or Premium) on hrblock.com® or turbotax.com® but end up only needing the free edition, efile.com will not downgrade you to the free version and you will pay more than you should have. On the other hand, if you do start with a free version but need to file a 1040A or a 1040, you will most certainly be upgraded. Furthermore, if you start with the free version on hrblock.com® or turbotax.com®, they will constantly ask you to upgrade or to purchase additional services.

Not so on efile.com! You will not be pestered or pressured to upgrade and you will not be asked to purchase additional services during your tax preparation on efile.com. You will not be upgraded nor downgraded unless your tax return requires this. Most online self-guided tax preparation companies (e.g. TurboTax, H&R Block) will not guarantee this. Once you select a service with them, you will be upgraded if need be, but never downgraded. For example, if you start at DELUXE or PREMIUM on one of the other sites, but you qualify for FREE, you will not be downgraded and you will be charged the higher price for the service you did not use.

Advantage: efile.com - You always pay the lowest price possible (FREE, if you qualify) for the tax return that's right for you.

Disadvantage: H&R Block® & TurboTax® - They will charge you for what you choose, not what you actually use, even if you end up paying more.

Thumbs Up for efiling Price Advantage 3: efile.com Is Less Expensive than H&R Block® & TurboTax®!

If you do not qualify for the FREE Basic service at efile.com, you will still pay much less than at H&R Block® or TurboTax®.

If you need to use a DELUXE or PREMIUM online tax service, you will always pay less at efile.com than you would for the H&R Block or TurboTax Deluxe or Premium services. If you need to prepare state tax returns, you will pay less at efile.com. No online tax service offers free state returns with their free federal returns, but efile.com is a less expensive alternative--especially if you need to prepare multiple state returns (see Price Advantage 5). If you wish to pay nothing up-front and deduct your tax preparation fee from your tax refund, you will pay the lowest processing charge in the industry.

Thumbs down for taxes H&R Block® and TurboTax® Have Higher Fees than efile.com!

Compare "apples to apples" efile.com prices and fees with H&R Block® and TurboTax®:

efile.com is up to 64% Less!* Dare to Compare and Save
Vendor efile.com
H&R Block®
Tax Professional
incl. H&R Block® Office
Product Federal, IRS Income Tax Return Fees by Vendor and Product*
Basic Free Free $39.99 Average Tax
Professional Fee is $273 ***
Deluxe $24.95 $34.99 $54.99
Premium $34.95 $54.99 $74.99
Home/Business Included in Premium $89.99 Incl. in Premium
  State Income Tax Return Fees by Vendor and Product
Basic $19.95 Free $39.99 Included in price above.
Deluxe $19.95** $36.99 $39.99
Premium $19.95** $36.99 $39.99
Home/Business $19.95** $36.99 $39.99

* As of Jan. 4, 2016. efile.com guarantees the lowest price. We meet n’ beat any lower price.
** efile.com has one low price for unlimited states; TurboTax and H&R Block charge per state.
*** According to the National Society of Accountants as of Jan. 30, 2015

H&R Block's Free and Basic editions cover tax returns that can be prepared on Form 1040-EZ. The Free edition only includes automatic importing and 6-year storage of tax returns. In order to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit and get free technical support, you will need to upgrade to the Basic edition (1040-EZ or 1040-A).
Turbo Tax does not have a Basic Edition, but they have a Free Federal Edition for returns that can be prepared on Form 1040-EZ or 1040-A
efile.com only charges $19.95 for as many state returns as you need to prepare, and that price will not change no matter what type of federal return you prepare. H&R Block® and TurboTax® charge a higher fee, will charge that fee PER state return, and it will vary depending on what federal return you prepare.
Prices are based on publications from hrblock.com® and turbotax.com® as of 12/1/2016.

Thumbs up for efiling efile.com Offers More Benefits than H&R Block® and TurboTax®!

A quick comparison will show you that not only is efile.com less expensive, but it's a better value with more benefits as well!

  efile.com TurboTax® HR Block®
Lowest Price Guarantee efile.com checkmark - -
Automatic Price Downgrade (If You Qualify) efile.com checkmark - -
No Pressure to Upgrade Your Service (and Pay More) efile.com checkmark - -
Unlimited Multiple State Returns for One Price efile.com checkmark - -
Priority Tax Return Support for All Packages efile.com checkmark - -
Price Match Guarantee efile.com checkmark - -
1040EZ Always Free efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark -
Deluxe Package under $25 efile.com checkmark - -
Premium Package under $35 efile.com checkmark - -
State Returns under $20 efile.com checkmark - -
Refund Deposited to Account Instead of a Card with Fees efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark
One Deduct Fee from Refund for under $30 efile.com checkmark - -
Unlimited Free efiling efile.com checkmark - -
All Packages Start for Free efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark
Import Prior Year Information (All Packages) efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark
Maximum Refund Guarantee efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark
100% Calculation Accuracy Guarantee efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark
Free Audit Assistance efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark efile.com checkmark

Should you have to pay for any tax preparation services at efile.com and you expect a tax refund you will not need a credit card. Yes, that's right, you can have your fees deducted from your tax refund, and efile.com has the LOWEST "Deduct Fee from Refund" CHARGE AROUND. The DFFR (deduct fee from refund) or "e-Collect" option makes it very convenient for you.

Other tax preparation services also offer something like this, but their processing fees are much higher than what you will find at efile.com. The eCollect fee of $24.95 is currently the lowest you will find. If you wish to pay by DFFR, there is no less expensive way than the one we offer.

Advantage: efile.com - On average, 50% less expensive than H&R Block® and TurboTax®.

Disadvantage: H&R Block® & TurboTax® - ~50% more expensive than efile.com.

Compare efile, Block, and TurboTax online tax service features

Thumbs up Price Advantage 4: ONLY efile.com Has the "Meet 'n Beat" Lowest Price Guaranteed!

efile.com has the lowest prices around, but if you do happen to find a lower charge online for the same service, we will not only MEET this price but also BEAT the price! Read on to find out how to claim your efile.com "Meet 'n Beat" price.

We not only want to meet every price but also beat it! If you find a lower price for the exact same tax service we offer at efile.com, we will gladly charge you a lower price than the one you found. Remember that not all tax services are created equal, but if you find a price for the same level of service as we offer on efile.com, then we will meet and beat the competitor's price.

How to claim the efile.com Meet 'n Beat Price Offer:

If you find a lower price, please contact efile.com and let us know about the competing offer. Please include a link to the offer. We will compare the competing service with our own equivalent service (taking into consideration factors such as state returns, DFFR fee, etc.) and meet and beat any better price!

Thumbs down for taxes H&R Block® and TurboTax® DO NOT Match or Beat Competitor Prices!

H&R Block and TurboTax keep their prices high and do not offer any sort of price matching guarantee. efile.com works for you and wants you to pay the lowest price possible for your online tax preparation needs. You can get the same service (with more service benefits and features) for a lower price on efile.com, so WHY PAY MORE?

Advantage: efile.com - We meet 'n beat any lower price.

Disadvantage: H&R Block® & TurboTax® - They will not match lower prices (like ours).

Thumbs up Price Advantage 5: ONLY efile.com Charges ONE PRICE for Unlimited State Returns!

Yes, at efile.com you pay ONE LOW PRICE for MANY STATE RETURNS--as many as you need to prepare!

Number of
State Returns
efile.com H&R Block® TurboTax®
1 $19.95 $39.99** $36.99***


(Up to 68% Less!)

(2 x $39.99)
(2 x $36.99)


(Up to 79% Less!)

(3 x $39.99)
(3 x $36.99)

**Current price for one state return in Free Federal Edition is $29.99.

***Price for one state return in Deluxe and Premium editions. State is currently free in Free Federal edition.

Only efile.com charges one low price for as many state returns as you need to file. H&R Block® and TurboTax® will charge a higher PER state return, and it will vary depending on what federal return you prepare.

You Pay ONE Low Price for AS MANY State Returns as You Need!

Thumbs down for taxes H&R Block® and TurboTax® Charge You a Higher Price for EACH State Return!

On hrblock.com® or turbotax.com®, not only do you pay a higher price for a state return (which varies based on the federal return you prepare), but you also have to pay for EACH state.

No matter how many state tax returns you need to prepare, efile.com will charge you ONLY a single fee of $19.95. This is a one-time charge. Even this single fee is less expensive that what other online tax companies charge you for each state return.

Advantage: efile.com - Pay one low fee and get unlimited state returns.

Disadvantage: H&R Block® & TurboTax® - Pay a higher fee for EACH state return than you would for many on efile.com.

efile.com Value Comparison: Accuracy, Refund Size, Ease of Use

At efile.com, we guarantee 100% calculation accuracy on your tax return. We guarantee you will get the biggest tax refund available to you based on the information you enter. Also, we believe we have developed a user interface which is friendly and easy to use.

It is important to understand that if you enter the exact same information on efile.com, TurboTax, and H&R Block, the results on your tax return will be exactly the same. You will get the same tax refund on one service as on another, provided you enter the exact same information. The law is the law and there is no magic way to increase a tax refund or promise more accurate results than any other thoroughly tested tax software will give you.

Why efile.com: Why pay more for the same results?

Calculation Accuracy: If you, the taxpayer, enters the exact same information on efile.com, TurboTax®, and H&R Block®, the tax return results will be exactly the same. We have tested this extensively, so there is no need for you to waste time doing this yourself (though of course we encourage you to try it if you like). Learn about the efile.com 100% Calculation Accuracy Guarantee.

Why efile.com: If you enter the same information on different sites, you will get the same tax refund!

Tax Refund Size: The results will be exactly the same if you, the taxpayer, enters the exact same information. It is a matter of tax law; it's not about the preparation software. No vendor can promise a higher tax refund, only the biggest possible refund (which we guarantee). Tax refunds only vary in amount if the taxpayer enters different information on different sites. Again we have tested this extensively; no need for you to waste your time to come to the same results. In the end, all vendors have to adhere to IRS tax laws and all systems are tested by the IRS for accuracy. We have done the work for you. Learn more about the efile.com Biggest Refund Guarantee.

Why efile.com: No upselling makes for a more pleasant experience--the rest is really a matter of taste!

Ease of Use: On efile.com you don't have to commit to a service selection before you start your tax return. efile.com will look out for you and will always give you the FREE Basic Edition if you only need to file Form 1040EZ, the DELUXE Edition if you need to file Form 1040A, and the PREMIUM Edition if you need to file Form 1040. During the online tax preparation interview, efile.com will not prompt you to upgrade or pester you to purchase this or that feature since all features are available across all versions--only the supported forms change. Compare and contrast the efile.com FREE BASIC, DELUXE, and PREMIUM editions.

Advantage: efile.com - Biggest refund possible, 100% accuracy, ease of use...for less money!

Disadvantage: H&R Block® & TurboTax® - They charge more for the same thing.

The results are clear: In an overall "apples to apples" comparison between efile.com, TurboTax®, and H&R Block®, efile.com is the online tax service solution with the most advantages!


efile.com = efile.com compare apples to applesefile.com compare apples to applesefile.com compare apples to applesefile.com compare apples to apples

H&R Block® = efile.com compare apples to apples

TurboTax® = efile.com compare apples to apples

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