How to efile ONLY a State Tax Return on

Did you work and/or live in different states during the tax year? If so, you might have to efile multiple state returns. Don't worry, it's the same low price for one or for multiple state returns--only on!

Here's how to efile your state return(s), and not your federal return, on

efile Step 1 If you do not have an account, create a free account.
efile Step 2 Sign in and begin preparing your State return. You will start by entering general information.

(Basically, you will need to go through the motions of preparing a federal return, but you will NOT have to efile it, and you will NOT have to pay for it. This seems confusing, but you will need to prepare a federal return on even if you have already filed or efiled a federal return elsewhere. This is because the state return is largely based on the federal return.)
efile Step 3

On the "E-filing Your Return" screen, simply click the blue "No thanks, I don't want to e-file my federal return" link to make sure the efile software does not efile your federal return. Select only your state return(s) and not your federal return.

Choosing not to efile your Federal Return using the software.

Choosing not to efile your Federal Return using the software.


efile Step 4

Even if you click the link to not efile your federal return, you will still see a fee for preparing your federal return on the "Paying for your Return" screen. To be discounted for the price of your federal return, you must enter the STATE ONLY promo code found below. To enter a code, click on the blue "Have a promotional code or coupon" link on the "Paying For Your Return" screen. 

You can only enter one promo code, so please do not enter any other discount codes.

Please note that these codes do not make your state returns free. Only your federal return will be free. Preparation of state returns is $19.95 (one fee that includes as many state returns as you need).

  • 1040EZ Filers: If you prepare a 1040EZ, you do not need to enter a promo code. Your federal return will already be free.
  • 1040A Filers: If you prepare a 1040A, please enter the following code at checkout to be discounted the price of your federal return: 50state14e
  • 1040 Filers: If you prepare a 1040, please enter the following code at checkout to be discounted the price of your federal return: 60state1040e
(You can see which 1040 form you have prepared by clicking the green "Create PDF of Return" button on the "Next Steps" page before Check Out.)
efile Step 5 When you get to the "Balance Options" screen, choose to receive your federal refund (or to pay your federal balance due) by check. This is only to move the software forward to the next step. You will not have to efile your federal return, so this will not change any arrangements you have already made for your federal tax refund.

Federal Refund
How to check e-collect tax refund status
Federal Balance Due
How to check e-collect tax refund status
efile Step 6

Finish efiling your state return. After it is accepted, you can track your state tax refund

As long as you complete the state-only efiling process by following steps 1-6 above (in order), you can be assured that ONLY your state return will be efiled.

efile Step 7 For additional assistance, please contact support.

Important State Income Tax Return Deadlines

Why Do I Have to Prepare a Federal Return?

You can efile only a state return on, but in order to prepare state returns, you must also prepare a federal return. This is because almost all of the information for a state return is taken from your federal return. The software needs the federal information to prepare any state return.

But you will NOT have to efile your federal return, and you will NOT have to pay for it

We know it may be a hassle to enter federal return information all over again if you have already done so somewhere else, and for that we deeply regret the inconvenience. Because of this, we recommend preparing your federal return at the same time as your state return(s) on

Remember that only offers unlimited state returns for one low price of $19.95

Do I Need to File Returns for Other States?

If you lived or earned income in more than one state, you might need to file returns for multiple states.

You generally have to file a tax return for your resident state. You may need to file more than one state return if any of the following are true:

  • You resided in more than one state.
  • You moved from one state to another state.
  • You worked and earned income in another state.
  • You had gambling winnings in another state.
  • You had rental income from another state.
  • You had partnership or S-Corp income from a business based in another state.
  • You had income from an estate or trust with interest in a another state.
  • Your employer improperly withheld taxes for the wrong state.

Depending on your situation, you may need to file part-year resident returns, or nonresident returns. The software will determine the correct type of state tax return(s) for you to prepare.

Find out more about resident, part-year resident, and nonresident state tax returns.

Need Help Preparing and efiling Your State or Federal Returns?

If you have any questions about the process of preparing and efiling federal or state returns, or if you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact support.


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