Does Your Relative (or Girlfriend or Boyfriend) Qualify as a Dependent?

Does your relative qualify as a dependent?

You can claim someone as a dependent on your tax return if, according to IRS rules, they are a Qualifying Relative or a Qualifying Child.

To find out if someone counts as your Qualifying Relative, use the "RELucator" tax tool below:

Find out if your relative is a dependent now! or

Open the Qualifying Relative Tax Tool in New Window

Use the "RELucator" or Qualifying Relative Dependent Educator

The "RELucator" tax tool will help you determine if someone is your Qualifying Relative and therefore your dependent.

Just answer the "Yes" and "No" questions until you reach a conclusion.

See all of the requirements for claiming a Qualifying Relative as your dependent.

What if Someone Is Not My Qualifying Relative?

You can still claim them as a dependent if they are your Qualifying Child. Find out if someone is your Qualifying Child.

If they are not your Qualifying Child nor your Qualifying Relative, then you cannot claim them as a dependent.

How (and Why) Do I Claim Dependents?

Dependents are good news when it comes to your tax return. That's because dependents equal tax exemptions and may qualify you for other tax deductions and credits.

Find out how to claim dependents on your tax return.