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When Do I Have to File a Kansas Amended Tax Return?

Your amended Kansas state return should be filed within 3 years of the filing deadline for the original tax return, or 2 years from the time when tax was paid (whichever is later).

How Do I Correct My Accepted Kansas Tax Return or File a Kansas Tax Amendment?

If there have been changes in your state taxable income, deductions or credits, then you must file a tax amendment. If the IRS made changes to your federal tax return, then you must also file a tax amendment with the state of Kansas to inform them of the changes. You have two options to amend your Kansas tax return:

  1. Download and complete Form K-40 yourself. When you're finished, print out the form and mail it to: Kansas Income Tax, 915 SW Harrison St., Topeka, KS 66699-1000 OR
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Kansas State Tax Amendment Forms (Download, Complete, Print, and Mail)

Fill out Form K-40 for the corresponding year and specify that it's an amended return.

Form (Tax Year)Description
Form K-40 (2014) Kansas Individual Income Tax and/or Food Sales Tax Refund
Form K-40 (2013) Kansas Individual Income Tax and/or Food Sales Tax Refund
Form K-40 (2012) Kansas Individual Income Tax and/or Food Sales Tax Refund
Form K-40 (2011) Kansas Individual Income Tax and/or Food Sales Tax Refund

How Do I Check the Status of My Amended Kansas Tax Return?

Call the Kansas Department of Revenue at 785-368-8222.

What Are the Penalties, Interest, and Fees Related to Kansas Amendments?

The state of Kansas charges interest on unpaid or underpaid tax.

Interest Rates on Unpaid and Underpaid Taxes

Year(s)Interest Rate
2015 4%
2014 4%
2012 5%
2011 5%

In addition, there is a penalty for not paying on time, and it amounts to 1% of the tax due per month, and can't exceed 24%. If the tax was due before December 31, 2001 then the penalty is 25%.

Where Do I Mail My Kansas State Amended Tax Return?- Kansas Mailing Address:

Kansas Income Tax
915 SW Harrison St.
Topeka, KS 66699-1000

Kansas Department of Revenue Phone Number: 785-368-8222

Kansas Department of Revenue

Where Do I Learn More About Kansas State Taxes?

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How Do I File My Federal, IRS Amendment?

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