The efile Checkout Process - Direct Deposit, PIN or AGI, Sign Return, and efile

Before you begin the efile checkout process, sign into your account then follow the steps below:

Note: The instructions below contain images and are not interactive.

Step 1: Click "File" on the left.

My Return

Step 2: Click one of the green buttons to proceed to the next screen.

Filing Your Return

Step 3: After the system finishes double checking your return, click the green "Continue" button.

Double Checking

Step 4: After reviewing the next steps, click "Continue".

Next Steps

Step 5: Select the return (or returns) you want to efile, then click "Continue".

E-filing Your Return

Step 6: Click the "No thanks" link at the bottom to continue e-filing your return.

Audit Assistance

Step 7: Review your tax return preparation fee(s) and select your payment option.

  • If you have a promo code, click the "Have a promo code" link.
  • Note: if your tax return is a 1040-EZ, you will not go to the screen below. You will go to a different screen telling you that your return is free. Click "Continue" on that screen and skip to Step 10 (if you have a refund or taxes owed) OR Step 12.

Review preparation fees and enter promo code

Step 7 (Part 2): Enter the promo code in the white box, then click "Continue.

Enter and apply promo code

Step 8 (Option 1): Enter credit or debit card information.

  • Note: Make sure that you enter the correct billing and address information. Otherwise, your order will not be processed. After four attemps, there will be a 12-hour processing delay.

enter credit or debit card

Step 8 (Option 2): Enter information for e-Collect.

Click the green "I Agree" button on the e-Collect Agreement Screen.

Then, enter the requested information shown below:

Step 9 (Option 1) : Select how you would like to receive your refund, then click "Continue".

Options for Receiving Refund

Step 9 (Option 2) : Select how you would like to pay your taxes owed, then click "Continue".

  • Note: If you are also filing a state tax return, your state taxes owed options will be listed on this screen below the "Your Federal Taxes Owed" section
  • For more information on tax payment options, visit our guide on how to pay IRS and state taxes.

options for paying taxes owed

Step 10 (Option 1): Enter your refund direct deposit information.

  • Enter information for the bank account where you want your refund deposited. Your name must be on the account.
  • You can split your refund deposit up into 2 or 3 accounts. Just click "add another account".
  • Please double check your entries. Once your return has been accepted by the IRS, you will not be able to change the direct deposit information.

Direct Deposit Info

Step 10 (Option 2): Enter your taxes owed direct debit information.

enter direct debit information for taxes owed

Step 11: Begin signing your return.

  • If you filed or efiled a 2014 federal tax return, by any method (online, on paper, on, on another website, or with a tax preparer), then click the green "Yes" button. Continue to Step 12.
  • If you did not file or efile a 2014 federal tax return, by any method (online, on paper, on, on another website, or with a tax preparer), then click the green "No" button. Skip to Step 13.

Begin Signing Your Return

Step 12: (Option 1) Enter your IRS e-file PIN.

  • You must identify yourself by entering either an IRS e-filing PIN or your 2014 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Using an IRS e-file PIN is generally the easiest option.
  • Get a new IRS e-filing PIN online here: Get my IRS e-File PIN
  • Alternatively, you can call 1-866-704-7388 to obtain your IRS e-file PIN.
  • Click the green "Continue" button once you have entered your IRS e-file PIN in the white box.
  • For more PIN help, review our IRS PIN guide.

Enter PIN

Step 12: (Option 2) Enter your prior-year AGI.

  • Instead of using a PIN, you can enter your 2014AGI. You can find it on your 2014 tax return.ThelinethatyourAGI is on varies based on tax form you filed:
    • 1040EZ: Line 4
    • 1040A: Line 21
    • 1040: Line 37
    • 1040NR: Line 36
  • Once you have your 2014 AGI, enter it in the white box and click the green "Continue" button.
  • For more AGI help, visit our prior-year AGI page.

Enter AGI

Step 13: Sign your return with a self-selected PIN.

  • The last step before you efile is to sign your return. Make up any 5-digit number (anything except for "00000" or "12345") and enter it in the box. This acts as your digital signature.
  • Agree to the Consent to Disclosure and click "Continue" one last time. Once this happens, the software will automatically a PDF copy of your tax return (which you can find on the "My Account" screen).

Sign Your Return

Step 14: e-file your return.

  • This is it. This is where you actually efile your return(s). Enter the Security Code into the box and click "E-file Return".
  • Your return(s) will not be efiled unless you click the "E-file Return" button.

Step 15: Save and print your return.

  • Before you sign out, be sure to save and print a copy of your return. Click "Save Your Return" to download a PDF file copy of your completed return(s).


That's it! Your return has been efiled. You will receive an email when your return is accepted or rejected by the IRS.

About 24 hours after your return has been accepted by the IRS, you can check the status of your refund.