How to File a Massachusetts State Tax Amendment

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When Should I Prepare and File a Massachusetts Amended Tax Return?

You must file the tax amendment form no later than 3 years after filing the original return regardless of extensions, no later than 2 years since receiving a notification that the tax is assessed, or no later than 1 year after the tax was paid.

How Do I Fix an Accepted Massachusetts Tax Return or File a Massachusetts Tax Amendment?

In the state of Massachusetts, you must file a tax amendment if there was a change in your state income. You have two options to amend your Massachusetts tax return:

  1. Download and fill out Form CA-6 yourself. When you're finished, print out your Massachusetts tax amend and mail it to this address: Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Customer Service, Bureau, PO Box 7031, Boston, MA 02204 OR
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Massachusetts State Tax Amendment Forms (Download, Complete, Print Out, and Mail)

To amend a Massachusetts state tax return, complete Form CA-6.

Form CA-6 Application for Abatement/Amended Return

How Do I Check My Amended Massachusetts Tax Return Status?

You can call the Massachusetts Department of Revenue at 800-392-6089.

What Are the Penalties, Interest, and Fees Associated With Massachusetts Tax Amendments?

In the state of Massachusetts, there are numerous tax penalties that can be imposed, including a penalty for failing to file, report or pay taxes electronically, late payment penalty, among others.

A failure to file penalty is imposed when the taxpayer fails to file a tax return, and amounts to 1% of the tax due per month. There's also a 1% failure to pay penalty of the tax due per month. Both penalties can't exceed 25%.

Where Do I Mail My Amended Massachusetts Tax Return?- Massachusetts Mailing Address:

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Customer Service Bureau, PO Box 7031
Boston, MA 02204

Massachusetts Department of Revenue Phone Number: 800-392-6089

Massachusetts Department of Revenue

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