RELucator(Qualifying Relative Dependent Educator)

If you are the taxpayer, is this person:
-Your son or daughter
Did this person live with you for the ENTIRE tax year?
Did the person have a gross income of less than the personal exemption amount ($4,000 for 2015)?
Did you provide over 50% (more than half) of the total support for the person?
Is this person a Qualifying Child for you or anyone else?

TIP: Answer "No" if the person is your girlfriend or boyfriend's child who lived with you all year, as long as the child's parent is not required to file a tax return.
Are you, the taxpayer, a dependent of another taxpayer?
Is the person married, and did they file a joint return with their spouse?
Is the person (and their spouse, if married) required to file a return?
If the person and their spouse filed separate returns, would they owe taxes?
Did the person and their spouse file a return only to claim a refund?
Is the person a U.S. Citizen, U.S. resident alien, U.S. national, or a resident of Canada or Mexico

No. Based on your answers, this person is not a Qualifying Relative. You cannot claim them as a dependent unless they are a Qualifying Child.

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Yes. Based on your answers, you can claim this person as a dependent. They are considered a Qualifying Relative.

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